Tidal Flats & Birding

Every guest on Oland is free to lie back on the grass and look up at the clouds. But the environment around the “Hallig” has many subtleties – and strange creatures – that you might overlook unless you venture out into the mudflats.
Because of shifting channels and sandbars, it is not advisable to walk alone. As a guide certified by the Wadden Sea National Park partner network, I can offer visitors the following guided tours:

  • Hike across the tidal flats from Oland to the water
  • Hike across the tidal flats to the Hallig of Langeness
  • Nature trail for children

Millions of birds use Oland and the surrounding intertidal zone as a breeding, molting, or wintering site or to rest during annual migration. I am always delighted to show visitors our birding hotspots.

Information about the Wadden Sea as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and Biosphere Preserve is available from me at any time.

Photo goose family

Photo Seagull

Photo guided tital flat hike Photo flag of Biosphere Preserve

I can also organize a hike across the tidal flats from Dagebüll to Oland with a return by ship. The walk covers 6.5 km (four miles) and takes around two and a half hours including time to stop and ask questions or take photographs. The return by ship allows visitors to explore Oland while they watch the tide come in.
Group size is limited to 30 people.
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„I’ve lived here since 1994, but I still don’t take it for granted. The beauty of the islands and the tidal flats is something I rediscover every day. I enjoy living at a very exclusive address, but I also love sharing my knowledge and enthusiasm with visitors.”

Angelika Kühn
Photo flying Austernfischer